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Enlighten (v): sharing knowledge that uplifts and inspires both seeker and speaker 

Yoga was created to be both the path and the state of enlightened living. Like a game of telephone, every speaker/ teacher colors the knowledge, so that yoga today has evolved from an esoteric philosophy of mind to a ubiquitous fitness phenomenon.

It began that way for me: yoga flow was physical, the philosophy hidden, even as daily practice brought me strength and solace, a scene for self discovery, a sacred space that is an escape from life and also a deeper dive into Life.

I was working in neuroscience research when I first started reading Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, the Bhagavad Gita, writings by the Dalai Lama and Tich Naht Hahn. Here, I realized, were broad minded answers to the questions that took me to the lab every day:  what is it to be alive, awake, conscious and curious? I was inspired that the answers came from my ancestors. I wanted to bridge the gap between science and spirt, east and west. I left Georgetown and have been teaching yoga full time for 8 years. 

With the pandemic, studio doors are closed, classes are online— and our community is missing the depth of teacher-student conversion that engages our intellect off the mat. Teacher trainings are often shallow on philosophy, feel homogenous, and hidden behind paywalls. 

Here is a new home for yogis, seekers of knowledge, the lovers of theory, the conscious and curious. You'll find creative interpretations of classic yoga philosophy, interwoven with insights from culture, cognitive science, and pure inner experience.

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