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Aparigraha: non-attachment

Aparigraha is taught in the middle of Yamas and niyamas as non-attachment, got-grasping, the mastery of which Eds the cycles of birth, death, reincarnation.

This is the central principle of the yogic lifestyle, the core of all the others. Completing the cycle of cause and effect ends the cycles that keep us unbalanced: wanting/getting, pleasure/pain, overwhelmed/bored.

It is the most enjoyable principle as well” to fully need the karmic cycle, we must fulfill all our current desires: to leave an unfilled longing tis to ensure another life to come, a karmic debt to finish.

The less intuitive aspect, the work of this principle is to stop the new longings/cravings before they arise, and for that, we need a healthy relationship with the abundance we live in. We are raised to be consumers, wantin gmore of what’s out there, and crators, making more to put out there. The world is full of excess, and we embody that, wanting more of what we already have.

Yoga teaches us perception: what is here? And discernment, to notice that there is very little boundary between what we are, and the world we live in. We do not have to exaggerate the value of what we do not have; we learn to see through the emotions of longing and confusion to the clarity of what is honestly necessary.

Scarcity and abundance also begin within: we can perceive ourselves to be resourceful, or in need of outside aid/ assistance. Inner clarity shows us when our perceptions are true, in which case we have a shared problem, a need of exchange with others, a rational basis for our inner intuition. When our body-mind is disturbed, when we distrust ourselves and our capabilities, then our perceptions could be incorrect and our reactions irrational, emotion driven. When the imbalance is in tamas/kapha, we feel helplessness/depressiion. When the imbalance is pitta/rajas, we feel anger. When the imbalance is vata, with tamas or rajas, then we have confusion/anxiety.

When we come from a confidence based on fact, then we have the ability to create our own scarcity for the purpose of the creative spirit, or for purity of body-mind strength. We can consciously choose the be conservative, restrained in our use of abundance, not just to save for a potential future but to empower the present moment, enjoying the free flow of energy that is available only when we have the space and time free from attachments to habits, possessions, and ideas of what should be.

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