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Been seen, Sharing light

How are we seen by the light of others?

Light works like this: what is reflected is the opposite of what is absorbed. If we work the same way, then we absorb what we do not show; what others see of us is the light that we reflect, reject, refract.

What we seem to others is not what we seem to ourselves, our surface is not colored the same as our core, unless and until we become translucent, choosing purer, consistent frequencies of light, or transparent, when we are completely clear, clean, passing light directly through.

That is when we have no past, no plans, no hangups, blocks, or agendas. We are empty, and full of light, able to see and be seen, unconcerned with secrecy or shame because there is nothing to hide, and no one to hide from. Relationships are fluid, fluent, open to the dynamic interplay impossible to find in solitude.

When we come into the light of others, we are sensitive to only what we can recognize from within ourselves. It can be qualities known or unknown; named or unnamable. We notice the wavelengths and frequencies of the ways we can express love, life, the energy of perception and action.

We are drawn together by what we seek, but what do we amplify, which vibrations do we raise in relationship with others? There is an energy to being available for connection, and energy that results from connection.

The deeper the connection, the more powerful the effects of sharing light.

We can supply our positive, enhancements for another’s place of weakness or need: then we create a net effect of neutral or positive. Perhaps we feel drained afterwards, if we are not careful with how much we give.

When we take from another’s place of strength, we create a neutral or negative state in the relationship, drawing from another and into ourselves.

Finding another whose strengths are the same, two people can amplify one another, empower the shared aspects. This is a high, and yet it sometimes also feels good to find another whose weaknesses are the same, for validation, or, better, for highlighting what we move away from, together.

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