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Big Love

There is no such thing as personal love— love with limitations is not love but attachment, which we feel as caring and devotion, manifestations of our past actions flowing into current commitments and expectations for a similar future. Loving one another, loving our life, our work, our actions— these are small aspects of what is vast, uncontainable.

Love is expansive, all inclusive, unlimited and independent of space- time: always present, always now. This is why we always feel close to the people we love, even when they are not physically with us.

When we love fully, other people and our own actions transform. Rather than being recipients of our love, or the source of pleasure/happiness/comfort, we become more open through our connections, our actions. We become more permeable, receptive to and reflexively flowing with the connection itself, which, like all energy, is dynamic, fluid, engaged and engaging.

How does the connection come to be?

Consciously or not, we make ourselves available to particular frequencies, through our habits and personalities. We see what we want, we hear what we want, we go towards what we like and away from what we don’t. This become more and more true as we engineer our technology to enhance our nature: we attune to our small screens, to our ear buds, and we play into the algorithms that give us more and more of what we don’t have but should want.

Wanting, waiting, liking— we seek to see, hear, sense, just what we desire, and close ourselves, become unavailable to or hide from what we do not want to sense.

This is the best way to feel isolated, alone, disconnected even though that is the opposite of what we think we are doing. We reach out with narrow vision, narrow hands, hearing just what we are thinking within ourselves. But in order to feel deeply, broadly connected, loved, we only need to stop selecting, curing our sensory reality. This means we stop seeing our wants, and start seeing past our wants.

In that open space, where there is no longer wanting/rejecting, waiting/getting, liking/hiding, we are overwhelmed with gratitude, sensitivity, and accepting/welcoming what is available.

When we feel how much is here, the possibilities within what is already and easily available, we have the chance to open ourselves further, to perceive what we habitually block, and realize that we are never alone, and always in love.

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