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Centering yourself

Everything is in relationship: the world is what we perceive of it, out lives are what we make of it, our friendships are what we give to them.

What we feel in relationship to ourselves defines all our relationships in our life; the central aspect of each relationship is our connection to center.

The. Insanity of reality is that we can easily feel split, in need of reconnecting, repairing the connection within. What falls out, falls open? Divisions are created within each of us: mind from body from prana from our purpose in daily actions and life span.

We most often need solitude for reconnecting, a step back from social humanity and our career or spiritual pursuits: a most challenging step back, but wholly necessary, like many challenges we face. When we feel drained, diffuse, or fragmented within, there is nothing loving that we can give or do for others.

How do we connect to our body? Though proprioception: where we are in space. And Interoception: where there is space within.

This naturally brings us to the breath: moving the breath within the body enlivens our awareness of space, of energy, and liberates the blockages.

Much of the veil overlying our full happiness lies in the mind, so powerful in its abilities but also able to wreak invisible havoc on our contentment with the current state of being. To cleanse and rejuvenate the mind, take time to listen to the chitta, the stuff of consciousness, as you would a friend who listens carefully, lovingly (unlike, say, a darkened non responsive audience, as if you were on a stage and speaking to your social media following).

Be you, as you, to you.

Notice where your attention is, and what is the tone of your voice. The tone of the inner voice reflects the posture of the body and the prana that we sense as our innate energy. Once you can hear the tone of your voice, then you know the mood, and you can understand the words themselves.

The most repetitive thoughts define who we are. Consider, taking a step back, what the mind would feel like when it holds the opposite content of thoughts. Then choose which belief to hold.

Notice when there is space between the thoughts, and learn how to enter and exit those spaces with grace and precision. Then you can consciously create the inner quiet you need, when you need, which allows for full focus on the relationships in your life. It is impossible to be present for friends and family if the mind is constantly, uncontrollably, noisy.

Hearing and shaping the tone of thoughts will naturally change your posture and prana. Notice when you are holding the reins very tightly: you will sound strict, disciplinarian, focused but forcing and fighting and denying true desires.

When there is a master, there is a slave: letting go of the self-punishment liberates you to be wholly you. There is no need to resist, to “should” yourself, to feel guilty when you give in to what you truly want. Just a fullness of freedom, and all the responsibility that brings.

Notice when the thoughts are careless, wandering, chattering, distracted and distractible. When there is no clear direction within, we feel lost, running around, easily forgetting where the center point is, giving us the space to want things that will fulfill, excite, and improve. Then we are always looking outwards for what we seek.

Coming back to the center of body and mind through breath reminds us of the beauty of life as it is. Reconnecting the inner divisions heals our primary relationship, and refills our source of purpose. The inner voice sounds caring, intentional, aware and honest. There is trust, and the ability to ask questions while staying grounded.

Empower yourself from within. Then return, renewed, to all relationships, centered in your own.

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