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Chill Power: art of decision making

The more we care for our inner energy, the less we care to deliberate over decisions.

The best way to make decisions is clearly, based and deeply held principles, knowing that the outcome will not change our core, which is what truly matters— which is why there is no need to deliberate: it drains energy.

When we are light and caring in our choices, we can stay present, energetically full, unconcerned over past choices, because they were made in the same spirit of clarity and unattachment. Similarly, our future choices are not a present concern; as long as we remain centered, the choices we make now will create a positive future. And when future choices arise, we will make clear decisions at that time.

We can approach desire in this same way: with levity, self trust. We can want, wait, act without the pain/pleasure cycles of craving/getting. If we desire, it is general, rather than particular, easily fulfilled by what is easily available. And if we do not want what is easily available then we are still fulfilled: we will either have a clear avenue to direct our work, or we will continue the same path. Either way, our full energy is devoted to the higher purpose of life.

And full energy is required for this state of easy living. When energy is low, we live on the edges and surfaces of life, tired and unable to work deeply within ourselves. We lose touch with out center, our pure drive, our wide-vision of life.

To liberate that energy needed to resume our connections, we need intention, time, and steady practices.

The practical intentions are:

—healing: our connections, energy flow

This is why we go into practice

—creativity: how to find what is hurt/disconnected, and lovingly work within

—questioning: what is here, what do I need, what am I not-noticing?

—changing: structure, function, form, of body/mind/life, in response to what we discover within

Underlying all practices is courage. Without courage, nothing worthwhile can be done. With courage, your potential is infinite.

Centered in energy flow— the small current that flows within— we can feel that there is an infinitely larger current of energy that enlivens our universe. Knowing we are both small and connected, we can live with the inner assurance that arises from deep relaxation, belonging. A will power borne of ease. Chill power.

Feeling that there is a vastness, something inconceivably bigger than our own life, reframes the life choices we make. We can lives content with fewer options, knowing that simplicity leaves more energy for us to stay connected, centered, focused on what truly matters— because in true matters, there is no decision to make— the path is clear.

A clear bath both requires and sustains clear energy. Without wide, open awareness of path and center, our energy runs in spin cycles, periodically hurting, recovering, hurting, recovering from results of decisions made with narrow vision, small mind, value judgements rather than deeply rooted principles.

Opening the aperture of out mind, we can feel more broadly, entering a flow state that feeds increasingly relaxed, powerful, channeled energy. Rather than deciding/choosing, we can see/feel and respond based on the single value of enhancing, brightening the energy that enlivens, animates us from within.

We feel this in the body as a lightness in step, readiness to act. Surface tensions soften, allowing us to breathe and feel deeper within. Hens we meed the inner blocks to breath/energy flow, we have the will (chill power) and the courage to hold space for healing, releasing what represses.

And when greater energy becomes available form this process, we are able to skillfully channel our time and energy towards the right direction, the open path.

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