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The greatest magic of our lives is our connection with others, the energy that brings us together, and the mystery of how paths can diverge and converge, weaving in and away and back again. There is the potential for paths to run parallel— driven by and towards the same energies and yet never crossing one another. The most magical of connections are the ones that brings us together, truly together, so that paths join and become on, layers and reflections of one another.

Connections that may last a moment, or a lifetime. The length of time is often irrelevant: the most fleeting of connections may inspire a lifetime of passion, longing, a sense of what is possible.

What is the nature of our connections? We connect in realms of shared purpose: love, work, joy. We connect to see what can happen when two travel together, open to futures unknown, the co-creation of what is not yet.

Our briefest, lightest conversations are the surface ripples of these deeper potentials, intimations of what we express in language and laughter, in phrases and feelings.

If this is what we love most in life, the deep connections we can share with others, then how do we make new connections easier, how do we lend ourselves to deeper currents within the connections that already enrich our lives?

We reduce our friendships and families to scheduled hours, framing relationships in context of the past, maintaining boundaries we have learned over time. This is why new relationships are so delightful— fresh, unbounded, unattached to obligations.

To maintain that feeling, we need to maintain our ability to be open, undoing the barriers within ourselves, to be porous. It requires courage, to trust, and that trust is the foundation for love.

The work to be continuously open and trusting brings us towards our natural state, feeling the people around us as our community, a flux of energy that is always communicating, in communion. Without our personal barriers— the inherent feeling of being more important than others, of being caught up in our plans and schedules and other non-present realities— we feel a fullness of immersion.

Only from that place of fullness can we recognize that the smallest of connections are direct links to the greatest of connections: the connection of our inner energy to the energy that animates the world and all that we life as life, as movement, as love. It is cathartic to let go of our hidden longings for real connections, and to realize that we are not so separate as it seems.

Even in solitude, we are connected: the work that we do alone informs and inspires all that we can give to others.

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