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Content and Love

As the body, so the mind.

Content demands process, and from that process, creation.

Read the word content with a different emphasis: content. To be at peace. Content. The filling.

How we work determines the quality of what we create for others and experience for ourselves. We create content; read it again: we create content.

The mind busies itself when discontent. Most of the content is 1) doings and 2) protectings.

Usually the doings (things we need to do, things we have done, things we are doing) are the same as the protecting: we act to ensure our quality of life, care for those we love, prepare for the perceived future.

To see below the doings, the nature of the mind when content and empty of content, is to experience reality as it is. The perfection of now. It what what we naturally find when we release the doings, emptying the inner content, creating space to receive what we sense.


Bandhas empty the mind by bringing the focus, the intent, internal. It is not a doing but a guiding that creates a strong, hollow body, empowered by fluid, conscious breath. The direction of energy and the internal strength created by engagement of body-mind frees us from the need to do, to protect. The actions are clear, and the body-mind are unified, without need for protection/worry/anxiety.

So the mind unwinds, relaxing its habitual doings, predictings, problem solvings. When we are no longer occupied with self-defense, we can welcome the external sensations: wind on the skin, the perception of light filling space, the sound of the breath and the movements within.

There is a sensation of mental expansion, of extraordinary perception, increased acuity in interoception, proprioception, and overall reception: sights, sounds; colors, vibrations.

This natural psychedelic experiences keeps us connected to our childhood belief in magic: the mind remains young, flexible, curious, i.e. unstressed and available.

From this center point of permeability, we learn to be steady, content with the real world in this moment. We practice keeping the body-mind clear of content. And when we come to rest in self-accepting knowledge, we find the origin of all true connections.

This is the magic that brings people together, the common ground of love.

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