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Energy flow

Energy is fluid— it takes the shape of anything that is capable of. Holding it.

When our body-minds are stiff, stagnant, stressed, then the energy does not, cannot, flow. We can liberate our energy, shape the vibes of our life, by working the fluid nature of energy.

Bernouli’s principle shows that in fluid dynamics, increasing the pressure on a fluid increases its speed. When we apply this to airplanes, and the fluid nature of invisible air, we achieve flight. We can imagine the invisible energy of our own bodies, the natural high that we are looking for, and notice how pressure increases the flow of our own inner energy.

How do we create the pressure we need for the natural flow of good, high vibes?

Pressure is often placed upon us— external pressure comes from deadlines, obligations to others, expectations of society, personal productivity goals. These are pressures of the mind, they create surface tensions in the body: stiff muscles, dulled senses, shallow breath. Under these stresses, we have a tightness in perception that can be great for focus but also awful for good energy flow, creative thought, positive perspective.

Sometimes all we need is a good, strong, hug. Then we feel a sense of compression, and centered, and reminding of the love that is shared.

When we feel low energy flow within, it is usually reflected all through our lives. Time, money, loving relationships will all feel tight when the mind feels pressured.

So what pressure do we need for radiant energy flow?

The best pressure is what we can consciously create within. Toning the inner arches of the body (diaphragm, pelvic floor) harnesses and directs energy throughout, creating power, tone, and also a deep profound sense of self-trust, mental ease because when the spine is supported from the inner most structures, then the external musculature can move freely.

In Pilates, this is taught with breath and the “scoop” of the abdomen/pelvis. In barre, the breath work is similar and the pelvis is “tucked”. In yoga, the bandhas and breath work are deeper, reflecting an older history and energetic attention.

Liberating energy, creating good energy flow, is a first step. To keep the energy flowing smoothly, we need a steady pressure, meaning no energy leaks. Each of us has unique habits/blocks that ahold us back, but overall the most common energy leaks are: resisting what is true, withholding from love, self suppression, and the cycles of excitement/depression; anxiety/apathy, wanting/getting, etc.

There is a relationship between external pressure/stress and desire. When we feel constricted in time, space, inner resources, we naturally desire a fix: something more, something other, something not-this. The energy that we do have flows outwards, away from the center, seeking the fixes and also lowering the energy we need for will power, for sustained focus, for inspired work.

Desire is not always something to resist, deny, indulge. When we listen, watch what the mind desires, what the body desires, and then link thought to action, we can learn to make the choices that increase our energy. Then we trust ourselves to want, and to get what we want.

Stay connected to the pulls of the intuition/spirit. That is the inner energy that inspires, uplifts, empowers.

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