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Energy of Urgency

What happens to our energy when we feel a sense of urgency? We add pressure to our contents: the stuff of our mind-body are pressurized. This can be positive when we have a strong inner compass, an already present assurance, sense of direction. With will and clear intention, adding pressure gifts us inspiration, a strong flow of energy, a powerful current.

When we add pressure to ourselves but do not already have a sense of assurance or direction, our energy goes from diffuse, wandering, and vague to something strangely explosive. Our energy is compressed inwards, downwards, and we feel a sense of overwhelm, of depressed, of heavy pressure. Or our energy is pushed up without a valve, a sense of intention, and then compression creates combustion. We are explosive and then drained: mentally, physically, and often emotionally.

What is the sense of urgency? We intuit that space-time is a limiting factor. We may limit ourselves, setting our own schedules and timelines, or we may feel beholden to the times and schedules, spaces of other people.

Giving in to a sense of urgency without conscious direction of our inner energy drives us insane. We outsource our agency, losing the opportunity to create our own direction and feel the energy flow as inspiration. False urgency is the rush of being busy, running circles or running nowhere. It is common, and increasingly so, as our sense of time changes. Communication is instant; our thoughts and mental content are insistent.

What happens when we choose to step away from the urgency of time? We resource our own energy, dropping the variable of urgency and allowing the clock time to serve a particular purpose only when needed.

We are able to rest our mind and energy in a default state of open space-time. Without the sense of pressure and urgency, the other variables of our lives become clear. Our center, our direction, our inner compass is reset.

Recentered, we find that being centered, having direction, is not a possession but a state of being, a state of mind. When we need to act with precision and speed, we are able to do so without the pressure of urgency, the tendency to rush. Our senses are as expansive as our intuition of space-time, so we can maintain inner focus while stayed aware of our peripheral.

We can attend to what is needed, while seeing, hearing, feeling the broader world. We recognize our center, our inner state, as being independent and well connected with all space-time we live in. In this way, we can act with care for others, love for the world, and assurance of self-purpose.

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