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This is the law of Karma: everything is action and reaction.

That Newton is credited for this “discovery” says more about humans than it does about the universe we seek to know.

Actions can give rise to positive, negative, or neutral reactions, where the reactions are classified based on quality. The intention is to first learn to transform negative reactions to positive reactions, and then, ultimately, into neutral reactions. When we achieve the state of net neutrality, where our actions have clear manifestations in the physical world, then we have mastered the art of detachment, of living lightly, of not needing to continue following the chains of reactions set by past actions. This is liberation.

One way to consider negative/positive/neutral is as tamas/rajas/satva. The lowest form of reactions are dull, heavy, inertia: habit forming, stale chain reactions. Rajas, active energy, is kinetic energy that induces change. Satva is the pure state, the clear light. When we live and act from the Sattvic state, then we are living in, but not of, the world. This state of detachment is more nuanced than the sanyasi, who simply disappears from the world, is no longer in it. To live in the world, and have 0 karma footprint, is a higher skill.

Skill in action is the fundamental definition of yoga, according to the Bhagavad Gita.

Today, we see yoga as training the body, and training the mind. We learn to move both skillfully, in unison, in harmony. Practice decreases strain in the physical body, decreases stress in the mind, and decreases the friction between inner and outer life through the practice of lifestyle/yoga morality (not every one lives with style but the yogi does). With decreased strain, we increase efficacy and economy of action. This flux of energy allows us to create order in the body with intelligent practice of asana, and flow through the conscious guidance of breath/pranayama.

On the mat, we minimize energy lost to the world/gravity by hugging muscles to bones to lines of gravity. Bandhas are central to this work of skill. Bodily tension lessens; energy flows freely.

In the mind, we practice pratyahara and witness the aspects of the inner limb that come from the first five libs of practice. We reduce conflict/competition (friction) between inner and outer senses, economizing attentional resources and heightening our sensitivity to both inner and outer sensations.

When cleansed inside through the yoga practices for body and mind, it is easier to see the outside effects of our internal actions: the movements of the thoughts, feelings, beliefs that give rise to our behavior.

To empty our actions of effects, we need to:

  1. See that actions have an origin, nature, consequence

  2. Trace backwards, from effect to cause

  3. Envision to consequence arising from no cause (empty/pure)

  4. See thee cause before you engage in action

  5. Change the causes that need to be changed

This process is easier with double vision.

There are two clarities of vision. The adept can hold the double image.

The first is more challenging: vision of the here and now. This is the unfiltered vision of what is, what happens real time, the essence of reality. This is a vision fee of prior perceptions, a direct experience without the film of background thoughts, plans, ideas, and most importantly, desire for what-is-not.

When this vision is perfect (and at first, it comes in glimpses), then the mind is resting ini the current, the present. It requires an undoing of has ritual machinations that fritter away mental power, energy, capacity.

The second vision Isi for clearly seeing what could be. It needs to draw directly from the current moment, otherwise it is illusory dreaming. It also needs to be stable, rooted in a clear intention, so that the double vision can be maintained as a lens over a clear first vision of the present.

When we can hold both steadily, we can engineer our actions to transport us from the current reality to the future we not only desire but are willing work into.

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