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Last thoughts on Longing

We feel our best when we sense a liberal, flowing energy within, an inner force that feels bright, alive, engaged and steady.

How do we keep this energy alive when we are feeling a sense of longing? When we spend the here and now longing for what is not here, not now, we send our energy away from ourselves. The seeker sends energy for what is sought; the lover sends energy towards the beloved.

When we seek well, love well, then we sense how the object and person we seek, we love, returns that energy back to us. There is a flow, back and forth, when we are not just acting on our inner feelings but also receptive, sensitive to what can be felt here: touch, sound, taste, sun, wind, movement.

Movement is life. When we stop our movements, when our thoughts are stale/repetitive, when we are insensitive, or choosing to hold back from acting on our feelings, then our energy of longing becomes stagnant, uninspired.

We need fresh flow for everything. For breath, for inspired work, for whole hearted love. And yet it become easy to pour our energy into a non-responsive place, a project that is absorbing, a person who drains. We need to devote ourselves, instead, to the realms of life that reflect energy back, refract our concentration in many different colors and directions. Then our personal energy has a greater impact on the world.

To come into this state, where our energy is nourished by our actions, requires the endings of some relationships, some patterns, associations, attachments. Often working within ourselves will change the external nature of what is already in place.

To truly end attachments, relationships, patterns, we need to not just stop the behavior or break up the pairings, but also be cognizant of the residue from past actions, the karma and the inertia. We can begin to see the seeds that created the undesired, and to notice when we engage in actions that will regenerate the undesired, preventing us from moving towards what we truly long for.

These endings allow for a clearer flow of energy, with a current that flows forwards without carrying the heaviness of past. In the body, we feel a stronger sense of circulation: easy heart rate, broad breath, relaxed and ready musculature. In the mind, we are unbounded by inner rules and regulations, free to act on what we sense within and around us.

From that state of inner clarity, our energy flows naturally, freely, fully connecting our longing with all that is longing for us.

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