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Longing and Recognition

Longing, like all feelings, are a gateway into heightened awareness, elevated sensations and receptivity of what is present within and around us. When we unpin the feeling from the perceived causes of the feeling, we gift ourselves the ticket to this higher state. We are, otherwise, caught in the cycles of doing and thinking, acting upon the world and tying ourselves to our mental litanies of tasks, reminders, memories, and other aspects of the veil that drops between us and the present space-time.

And we do need space-time to sense longing. When our days and minds are compressed by tasks and schedules, we are too busy internally to feel— which is one of the reasons that drives us towards productivity and away from sensing our feelings. But unlike most feelings, longing is unique: we sense what is around, and we want what is not. Longing is awareness without recognition.

When we recognize what we have, both visibly as our possessions and loved ones, and invisibly as the potential energy within ourselves, then we are grateful, benevolent, present and content. But when we see without recognition, we become seekers.

What do we seek? Either something we intuit will bring more of what we have, an abundances as well as stability, security. Or: the opposite, a polarity that will make our lives more dynamic.

Either of these will bring balance to our lives: amplifying what is good, as well as amplifying what will positively charge what we are and have. The difficulty is when we are not sensitive, not receptive to the reality/possibility that we long for what we have, that what we seek is also seeking us. Our minds become fixated on apparent details rather than receptive to what is currently flowing towards us.

When we are receptive, we see that there is a sameness to everything we have and desire. We can feel immersive in the experience of giving/receiving, which feels like love and togetherness, rather than quantifying exchanges, which feels like work/effortful/draining.

Our shared reality is that we all want to work less and love more. How do we do that?

We can learn the art of recognition, of truly seeing. When we feel longing, or any other low-hum kind of feeling, we engage the opportunity to see the depth of the feeling. Are they surface longings, reflections of what we see around us, what we have already had in the past? Or is the longing deeper, layered, ripples from a central source?

We draw closer to the source and look at the nature of the feeling. Is it as simple as wanting more? Or wanting something else, something that feels new, foreign, different, other? Or does it stem from something fundamental: the longing for warmth, comfort, safety, love, attention.

Often the surface feelings are ripples from what we patterned for ourselves in the past: when we had a fundamental need, we learned sets of behaviors that brought us what we needed. And now, when the need is not present, the patterns are often still running on an old energy, a staleness, like inertia that needs the attention of awareness.

Awareness is a power that we can generate ourselves, and yet we look outwards for it, when we are in the mood of longing, of seeking. We find ourselves drawn to the looking glass of technology, and to the people who reflect back the same sense of seeking. We are actively looking for something.

But when we recognize that active seeking, we have the ability to turn, to actively receive, to recognize sensations. Then we look at, rather than look for, and often find that there is so much to sense in the Here and Now, that all we longed for pales in comparison to all that is present.

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