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Love Now

How we love is how we live: completely, or not at all.

When we are at our best, all that we do in our life flows from our love for living, for acting, for experiencing the wonders of our time in this world, both light and dark. Just as the breath expresses the mood, and body expresses mind, our living expresses our loving. We are internally translating from one to the other.

There are ways, paths and channels between perception and expression. When the paths are clear, we have direct perception and direct expression: we live unfiltered, un-held-back, fully trusting in the nature of ourselves and our surroundings.

We can be thinking/feeling. We can be giving/receiving. We can be sensing/saying.

When one of these realms, or the path between the perception/expression is blocked, then we develop what we know as personalities, as love habits. Some of us are better at thinking and speaking; others at feeling and sensing. Same is true for giving, receiving. To be able to have conscious mobility along these realms is to love to our fullest abilities.

The blocks are often invisible, or seem immovable. In these situations, we seek out others who have either the same or opposing blocks. We search for the balance beyond ourselves: either more of what we know/trust (same), or more dynamic/polarized energy (opposite).

If we are conscious in the way that we relate to others, we become cognizant of when and how we express and perceive the blocks within ourselves. Then we have the opportunity to grow, either singly or in duality, partnership.

When we change our ways of love, even in a positive, expansive direction, we often have new ways of relating to others, and sometimes can no longer relate to the people who supported/enabled the blocks within ourselves. This usually leads us to leave and seek out, or wait out, what feels like aloneness.

But love does not require time.

Love is instant, in every instance. The nature of love is, like life: here is now is everywhere is always. In the present moment, there are no boundaries other than what we create in our minds. And we create this boundaries so quickly it can be difficult to imagine life without the qualifications, separations we invent.

When we seek out what is not-here-now, we become analytical, subject to small/petty thoughts, damaging desires. We delay what we love.

The only real love, real gratification is instant. Delay is impossible. To delay is to be certain that we are dissatisfied with here-now, and prefer, instead, the not-here-now. To live like that, without gratitude/appreciation for what is current, does not pave a path to future love.

Future love begins with present love. We stay awake, alert, responsive to and responsible for the fluid nature between what is within us and what is around us. We open the gates between feeling/thinking, giving/receiving, sensing/saying. We perceive, directly, and express, directly, the love that is now.

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