• megna paula

Non duality

When we shift our perception away from dualities, we free our minds from labeling, naming, sorting, owning, categorizing. This is an opening into an unusual yet natural way of sensing our surroundings, where we free too live without creating/defending our identity/self-perceptions. It is living fully immersed in the world.

physically, this means freedom from identifying with or against the body. We don’t label parts as strong or weak or stiff, bony or fat or muscular. We feel the body-breath and respond accordingly, immediately, with the intention too elevate, awaken— not only to be our best but to also raise our best.

Without divisions, we are fully united within ourselves. There is nothing to hold in, hold up, hold back. Anything that succumbs to gravity: we feel it, lift it. Anything tensing itself against long, relaxed open lines— we release.

Lifted, and free of tension, we move and breathe and think easily, fluidly, in line with the current. (Current moment as well as current of energy). We let go of the differences between what we perceived as negative/difficult and what seemed easy, so that instead of clenching against and forcing through times of difficulty, we move through with ease of awareness.

How do we come to this shifted, heightened perspective? We gain mastery over our inner balance between acting and receiving: the two ways we engage with the world.

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