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Repetitions: thoughts and beliefs

Our repetitions are our reality.

What we see hear, say, believe again and again— these beliefs, actions, habits take shape and form the film between our perceptions and all that could be perceived. We mask reality.

That mask is what we block out, and, like color, also what we reflect back into the world. It is what we are seen and known for: our personality, our work, our daily attitude to life. As we work on ourselves, as we evolve and grow within ourselves, we shift the veil, edit the mask, share more or less of what we were and take on new attributes that we adopt from others.

It is necessary, this mask, this veil. It prevents us from being constantly overwhelmed by all that is possible. But we easily believe that reality is singular and solid, provable rather probable. Reality is only what we experience. And we choose what, how we experience.

The repetitions that characterize our perceptions are the smudges on the windows and mirrors of our inner home. We look through them, around them, habituated to the refractions of light until something changes and we can suddenly see that there are blocks, filters, between our senses and what can be sensed.

It takes enormous energy and courage to change our repetitions, to release what we once relied on, to move towards the unknown, even when we are sure the future will be brighter, lighter, for the world.

The older the habit, the deeper the grain of repetitions, and the more challenging the work is to scrub it clean. This is why habits, addictions, dependencies seem to return: they are layered, and every layer needs to be removed.

This is energy work that shows up as behavioral changes. The thoughts and action loops of life are inherently stale energy. Even the habits we label “positive” are stale energy. To live fresh energy, we make every choice anew. We wake daily, and choose, moment to moment, the thoughts and actions that uplift the life we love.

Why do we fall into lower energy states? It is difficult to maintain heightened awareness.

There is a gravitational pull downwards. We are challenged to see the difference between being slow as reflective of spacious, broad awareness and slow as being sluggish, messy within. There is the difference between speed as a reflection of rush, impatience and speed as a natural result of being light, clear, purposeful.

And our repetitions, our perspective, is constantly being validated by the friends and surroundings we seek. We share our thoughts, our beliefs, and find the self-assurance that prevents us from questioning: what else, and what if. We miss the fullness of reality.

When we find the groundedness and centering that doesn’t pull us down or close us off, we are free to drop our beliefs, to open our eyes, to lift the veil and experience that the light of awareness eclipses the safety of sureness.

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