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Abundance is our reality. How we respond is how we live.

We can respond to abundance with sensitivity, gratitude, or with discontent, cycling through series of indulgences and denials of anything (and anyone) we desire.

The things, the people we desire: these are the substance of our life. There is also the energy, the prana, that is our inner reality. When we want to alter the substance of our lives, we need to start there: the inner energy, the prana.

When our senses are inundated, we are enamored by the form over the function or structure of what we desire. There are endless variations of what we can want; we can waste energy in the details, the choices we make from a position of expertise, refining and further refining how we desire, what we desire, who we desire, and when.

That is when abundance becomes excess: when we are desensitized, choosy, finding details for dissatisfaction.

But when we face scarcity, with positivity and resilience, we are often elevated to our best selves. These are the conditions that honed humanity, back when we were the weakest (though cleverest) scavengers on the savannah. That resourcefulness is still hardwired within us; we can be scrappy, inventive, inspired when we have less.

The tipping point between scarcity and abundance is in the perception: it’s not what we have, but how we sense it. We can feel the fullness of clarity; how emptiness is brimming with potential energy. We can have a strength of peripheral vision that allows us to see encompassingly, rather than the tiny aperture of a focal point, seeking details to dislike.

We can look at, look in, rather than look for.

How do we find this state of mind? Pratyahara comes midway through Patanjali’s path; foundational to the yogi lifestyle is the concept of cleansing, clarity: saucha. We can detox our life style, style our lives for simplicity.

To simplify is to de-complex, to de-decide, to re-evaluate, to re-substantiate. With fewer things, our values become clear, actions are easily powerful, and energy flows without the mental machinations of formulas, and “figuring out”. Distractions are anything that dirty the simplicity, clarity of our senses.

When our senses are fine tuned, we find joy in tastes, textures, colors. Sounds are pleasant, including but not limited to music. We feel the magic in the mundane, as we do wen we are traveling, light and flexible, aware of what is new, what is here. Then we feel energize to evolve.

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