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Space: energy flow and freedom

Space is an invisible gift we appreciate most when we have least.

What we do with space, how and when we fill it, all reflects the substance and energy that define our lives.

Energy requiems space for movement, for healthy circulation. Just asa we cannot breathe well when our bellies or minds are full, or if our muscles are tighter, we cannot see or work well when the space surrounding us is over full.

Many of us cycle: neat to messy to the effort of cleaning/organization and back again to a baseline, friendly chaos. What sabotages our work to cleanse, our efforts to create clarity, emptiness?

It is the same in our home as it is in our minds: when we are inattentive to energy flow, uncentered or too narrowly visioned, preoccupied/pressured, we lose ourselves in longings and distractions, which accumulate around us as possessions, new and used. Space fills with things, stillness and substance replacing energy and flow.

Some times we need to reset our minds, our bodies, our homes because of real shifts in life. This, too, can be cyclic but is more often cleansing, allowing the past way of life to remain in the past, and clearing new space for a new present, unknown future.

Some possessions are perfect. When we love and need what we have, and have just what we love and need, we experience a profound sense of ok-ness, contentment, belong with with out belongings.

This is the travel state of mind. When we leave home, knowing we will return, we pack just our most needed things. We are conscious of what we are capable of doing on our own, without a home base, and we are wary of what we can comfortably carry.

Living lightly is the innate, healthy set point for all of us. We evolved, body and mind, to move often, as tribes of hunter gathers. We evolved to trust tin the natural abundance of nature, the generosity of our community, and the strength within ourselves.

Today, spaces are small, tribes are digital, and we own far more than we can carry ourselves.

When do our processions possess us?

When we are attached, or overwhelmed by the response elites of caring for them. Then we have to return to our center, a state of sanity where we value space, energy flow, and realize that the less we have (to do), the more freedom we have (to be).

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