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Undoings: creating inner freedom

The human being is a creative interplay of energies. Each of us needs a unique balance of inner structure to guide our highest potential energy flow. All of us experience the same sense of joy, generosity, and unguarded love for life when we are at our optimal balance of structure and free flow.

When we are too tightly. wound, over structured, over scheduled, tight on time and space in mind and body, we need the processes of undoings. Undoings are liberations, actions tangible and in tangible both, that work on the energy that is bound up and unavailable. You can imagine this on a molecular, chemical level: breaking bonds releases energy.

The art is in choosing when to break which bonds, and how. You ned to be ready, have th proper tools/mindset, and a strong reason/intention for t her resultant energy. Too much pressure/force, applied too quickly, will result in an explosive release, a sense of sudden catharsis. Without conviction, the process is unstable and dissipates energy. Gradual, steady, work is the best: it requires minimal effort over a longer amount of time and creates true change.

The art of undoing is well done when you feel:

Free flowing, purposeful energy

Contentment with what is (santosha)

Daily passion

Pleasure in unfolding your craft and capabilities

Expansive, sensitive mind

Minimal/no conflict, deliberation, doubt, escapism: choices are few, decisions are clear and easily made, without regret.

What is the most difficult undoing?

The (un)conscious habit of suppression.

Suppression, self-discipline, attesting to control one’s natural feelings and freedoms— all of these create unnatural inner blocks and boundaries, fragmenting the consciousness, dissipating power in upholding the inner blocks, and locking energy in those bonds best broken.

This is not an argument against mastery of base impulses, of self-realization, of transcendence. Do all of those things. Moving mind and body with skill, levity, animated, liberated energy— these are the evidence of mastery.

Movements, mind and body, that exert pressure, weigh heavy, and overlay extra substance ver the base beauty. Of the natural self: these are evidence of control, suppression, of not-freedom.

No one wants to be slave; everyone desires mastery. When we experience suppression, when self-imposed suppression, we develop habits of escape. The body will clench in readiness for fight/flight, making tension and stiffness, or it will abandon muscular tone in a helpless surrender to what the mind knows/fears. The mind will escape to past memories, future hopes/plans, unless entertainments, dogged but uninspired work, and pessimism.

In optimal health, though is direct, discrete, purposeful, positive. The body is lifted, toned, ready and relaxed, both. The default state of being is presence, where/when we feel a sense of timeless here-ness. In stillness, the past flows by and the future flows in, then by. There is nothing to control, and everything to enjoy.

How do we break habits of suppression?

  1. See, in real time, the action that creates undesired effect

  2. Recognize the intention (root/start/seed) and the effects (end result)

  3. Knowing what needs change: the intention, or the execution of the action

  4. Reforming intention/action (This requires energy of activation; will; liberal and available power)

  5. Maintaining focus (steady direction and application of energy)

Continuous but decreasing levels of energy input are needed to overcome the inertia of past/undesired action/intention, and create an open path for the new/desired way.

The process goes on towards perfection, like curves approaching infinity. When you seee a new action chain, a new place for undoing, a deeper layer is uncovered, greater energy is liberated, and the process is empowered to begin again.

Successive layers of opening undoes the deepest doings of mind and body. You’ll find that you are able to change the very basics of your personality and posture by playing with your thought processes, beliefs, fascia, and skeletal alignment. This means you can be the best version of yourself, that you can be everything you want to be, but that it will not be easy.

Which is great, because you have a lifetime to live. Enjoy! Be free.

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